Greetings from Berlin

My flights to Europe we slow and tedious, including sitting on the tarmac at Newark for two hours as we waited for weather to clear. No connections were missed, and I eventually arrived in Berlin, tired but not particularly jet-lagged.

Thankfully, I had a fine lunch packed by Travis (at The Tin Table - heard of it?). He had throughfully organzized an entire kit with the sauces labled so I'd know which sandwich they'd go on. By the time I took this picture I'd already eaten the four salads that were organized the same.

Saturday brought a huge (100,000 people) anti-nuclear protest to the streets of Berlin according to the organizers, or a not quite huge protest (40,000 people) according to the police. Either way, I was still able to do my music shopping as he protest moved by. Capitalism is alive and well, my friends.

Later that night I tried some night photography. The Brandenburg Gate looked fine all cleaned up. The wall, too, is cleaned up and on display in Potsdamer Platz. SOmehow, in the midst of the glitter of the mall and modern construction, the few pieces of the wall seem lost, sitting on the wall's original path. Perhaps that's as it should be.

As I write this I am on my way to Munich. It is a beautiful day and view from the train is glorious. The sun is out, the sky is blue. Some of my newly purchased music is already loaded onto my laptop and is providing a fine soundtrack.