Greetings from Paris!

Wednesday, 5/14:

The hot sunny weather of the past week was to be replaced by rain in the evening. As a result the clouds and light were fantastic.

Traffic in Paris is always thick. Despite that, the scale of the city manages to dwarf the congestion.

Thursday, 5/15:

Paris is a dense city, but somehow still manages to be beautiful. I never tire of photographing the rows of apartments.

During a night visit to the Latin Quarter we passed the Caveau de la Huchette. I hope to return without my camera to dance, but may not have the time. The district was hopping at 11:00, but by midnight it was shutting down so that everyone could catch the last train home.

Friday, 5/16:

This morning we went to a festival promoting Parisian bread. Here is a showy example of their craft. They had a tent set up in front of Notre Dame where they did the baking. It was a bit like a sauna, but smelled so much better!

While we've had some nice weather, I'm still having plenty of opportunity to capture stormy skies. Here's Rodin's The Kiss with an oncoming thunderstorm in the background. After snapping this I rushed home, with just enough time to pick up a pastry at the shop across the street. Even with an impending storm there is still time for Parisian treats!

Saturday, 5/17:

I took the A Train! These are the simple joys that only a swing geek like me can appreciate.

Frankie Manning was in Paris so I took the chance to attend his talk before the evening dance. He was surprised to see me, that's for sure! Afterwards I danced with the locals - officially my first swing dance in Paris. My prior dancing was in classes or at Caveau del la Huchette (which did not have any Lindy the night I was there). I met some great partners that I would like to import to the States, and was reunited with two friends that I hadn't seen (or danced with) in five years. I was out until around two in the morning. I'm not used to partying with the Europeans!

Sunday, 5/18:
Due to my late night on Saturday and impending early depature on Monday (one should never have to get up at 5:00 while on holiday), Sunday was a short day with limited touring.

We visited the museum dedicated to the history of Paris. One room had a beautiful ceiling. To photograph it I laid my camera on the floor to keep it stable and took my picture. The nearby docent was highly amused and impressed with my technique!

Au Revior